Friday, June 5, 2015

If the Church of England wants to avoid extinction, it needs to have a think about 'Thought for the Day'

From The Telegraph-

Estate agents take note: in about 20 years' time, a glut of very nice properties may come on the British property market, complete with period fittings, historic facades, and plum locations in both urban and rural areas. What is more, should you fancy converting your local church or cathedral into luxury flats or a mini-Hilton, the only people likely to argue with you will be your local conservation group.

According to a new report this week, the Church of England is now losing followers at such a rate that it is on the brink of "extinction" within a generation. The number of people identifying themselves as CoE or Anglican has dropped by 1.7m in the last two years alone, and if the slump continues, there'll soon be no one left at all in churches across the UK.

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