Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ugandan priest: LGBT people are fleeing for Kenya to avoid rampant discrimination

From RNS-

A growing number of LGBT Ugandans are fleeing to neighboring Kenya to escape violence and persecution, a Ugandan Catholic priest says.

People are beaten, raped, evicted and dismissed from their jobs because of their sexual identity or orientation, the Rev. Anthony Musaala said during a talk at All Saints Catholic Church as part of a monthlong visit to the United States and Canada.

Even associating with or advocating for LGBT people may spur discrimination, he said.

Musaala, who spoke at the invitation of the All Saints Parish LGBT Task Force, estimates 500 gay and lesbian Ugandans are seeking asylum in Kenya. He recently met with U.N. officials, seeking increased financial support and human services for resettling “sexual refugees.”

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

URGENT! Please send a memo to Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury as he seems to think that by NOT SPEAKING OUT against (and elevating Global South demonizers of others) LGBTI discrimination/worse at the Anglican Communion he is handling a very serious threat of schism...what a guy!