Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Abortion case at Supreme Court gets personal

From USA Today-

Those telling their stories generally became pregnant while attending prestigious universities such as Harvard and Stanford, a way station to their successful careers. Had they not decided on abortions, they said, their lives would have been changed forever by a single mistake.

"If the Reverend Anne Fowler had not had access to an abortion when she accidentally became pregnant after enrolling in Divinity School, she would never have been able to graduate, to serve as a parish rector, or to help the enormous number of people whose lives she has touched," the brief says of an Episcopal priest who had an abortion in 1981, before she was married.

Others went on to become a professor, a neuropsychologist, a childhood education specialist and a doctor whose willingness to perform abortions led her to wear a bulletproof vest on her way to and from work.

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