Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Archbishop pleads for prayer as global Anglican leaders prepare to meet

From Christian Today-

The Archbishop of Canterbury has issued a plea for prayer as the leaders of his divided church prepare to meet in Canterbury next week in an attempt to avoid schism over homosexuality.

Archbishop Justin Welby has invited the leaders of the 38 Anglican provinces to the meeting in Canterbury on from Monday to Friday next week. Already some conservative primates have threatened to walk out if no attempt is made to discipline the pro-gay liberal provinces such as the Episcopal Church, which consecrated the first openly gay bishop Gene Robinson in 2003.

Without success in staving off a split next week, it probable that the next Lambeth Conference, the ten-yearly meeting of all Anglican bishops and archbishops from around the world, will be postponed indefinitely. One possible solution will be a move away from the present structure of the Anglican Communion to a more federal model similar to that adopted by the Lutheran churches of northern Europe and Scandinavia. 

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