Saturday, January 9, 2016

Church sale uproots 127-year-old congregation

From San Diego-

In 2006, the St. Anne’s congregation was one of a half-dozen in the region that broke away from the Episcopal church in a schism over its views on homosexuality and other issues. A years-long court battle ensued between the diocese and the breakaway Anglican congregations over ownership of the church properties. The fight ended in 2012 with the Episcopal diocese reclaiming the St. Anne’s real estate and appointing a new priest to re-establish the Episcopal congregation.

But Morelli said the St. Anne’s parish was never able to grow large enough to sustain itself. Membership was small — just 28 regulars from week to week — and most attendees were in their 70s to 90s. For the past five years, the church relied on monthly subsidies from the diocese and there was zero budget for utilities, maintenance and repairs, Morelli said.

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