Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bishop Palmer pulls no punches in the Episcopal address

From The United Methodist Reporter- (General Conference opening)

“We are here not for a pity party or to lick our wounds,” he said, “but to discern the next faithful steps in the mission and ministry of The United Methodist Church.”

Palmer described the people of the UMC as prisoners of hope, and highlighted several ministries of the church, including a successful campaign to help eliminate malaria in much of the world.
“I refuse to see discouragement and despair as the new normal,” the bishop said.

Nonetheless, he said that the church suffers from fightings within and fears without. He suggested that our relationships with one another are so superficial that we won’t risk saying the truths that later we might have to apologize for.

He posed a question: “Do our relationships lack depth that engender great growth and transformation?”

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