Monday, May 9, 2016

Caring for the earth is our responsibility

From Wyoming-

We used to call it “conservation.”

Christians call it “stewardship.”

Some call it the “E” word.

There are red-flag words that when said, often keep people from paying attention to what else might be said, so I will not mention the “E” word in this article. There appears to be a political (which usually means, financial) debate going on about the “E” word and about the “GW” words. Regardless of political stances in these issues, the Bible does address it.

Let me first say that I am neither an environmentalist (OK, I used the “E” word after all) nor an industrialist, though I benefit greatly from both, especially when I buy gas for the vehicle I drive to get to the wilderness areas set aside for future generations. Here in Casper, our economy and many of our jobs depend upon energy production. (I doubt I would be paid except for the fruits of our energy economy here.) Actually I guess that makes me both an environmentalist and an industrialist, not to mention a “figitalist,” for I could not find the wilderness without my cell phone.

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