Friday, May 13, 2016

Of Polarization, Patriarchy and the United Methodist Church

From Huffington-

The RNS headline reads “The Methodists Gather to Argue About Gay People Again.” Written by noted Christian Ethicist David Gushee, the opinion piece goes on to say:

It’s a titanic clash, epic, truly tragic, unresolvable, filled with conflict and pain. To me, by now, the arguments are stale and circular. What I mainly hear is the howl of pain of a small minority of Christians (and many traumatized ex-Christians) crushed under the wheel of a 2000-year-old religious tradition that cannot quite figure out how to account for their existence. It’s all so very, very sad.

It is indeed very, very sad. It is also sadly representative of the concerted effort to marginalize that same minority of Americans - LGBT Americans - in order to polarize our political process. In the case of the Methodists, it is an effort fed, watered and fertilized by the Institute for Religion and Democracy (IRD) ... an organization committed to “returning mainline churches to biblical orthodoxy“ [their words] or destroying them in the process [mine]. They took their best shot at the Episcopal Church - ultimately failing yet inflicting significant collateral damage along the way. And now they’re driving the schism threat in the UMC.

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