Friday, October 14, 2016

Broward church volunteer accused of trying to recruit 14-year-old parishioner for sex

From Florida-

The girl rebuffed him and told her family, who reported it to Plantation police, investigators said. Law enforcement took over her email account and set up a cellphone number that the suspect thought belonged to the girl.

After weeks of receiving increasingly graphic messages and photos of his genitals, investigators arrested Taffe on Wednesday morning at a local mall when they said he showed up thinking he was meeting the girl for sex.

Taffe, an insurance broker who lives in Fort Lauderdale and has ties to Iowa, is accused of enticing a child to engage in sexual conduct.

Father Albert Cutie, the internationally well-known parish priest, confirmed Thursday that Taffe was recently ousted from St. Benedict's Episcopal Church in Plantation because of allegations of misconduct.

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