Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rt. Rev. Jose Antonio McLoughlin ordained as Bishop of Episcopal Diocese of WNC

From Western North Carolina-

The Episcopal Church’s new leader in Western North Carolina wants to see the diocese do more to serve communities and reach people through ministry.

“I want to make sure we as a church are outwardly focused, not looking inward,” said the Rt. Rev. Jose Antonio McLoughlin, the new bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina.

McLoughlin, 47, began his transition to bishop for the diocese in September after being elected to the job in June during a meeting in Asheville. He was ordained and consecrated on Oct. 1 as the seventh bishop of the diocese in a ceremony at UNC-Asheville.

McLoughlin has spent the last month getting to know both clergy and lay leaders in the diocese, learning the administrative functions of his new job, attending previously scheduled events on the bishop’s calendar, working on the budget for the diocese and meeting with various committees.

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