Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Episcopal Church province inaugurated in W. Equatoria state

From Sudan-

The Arch-bishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan has inaugurated the new internal province and it’s Archbishop in Yambio in charge of Western Equatoria state.

Adressing the press after the elections were concluded, Daniel Deng Bol said Peter Munde Yakob, the former Diocesan Bishop of Yambio diocese was unanimously elected to be the Arch-bishop for the new created internal province of Western Equatoria, which comprises of Bar-el-Oro, Maridi, Ibba, Yambio Nzara and Ezo dioceses.

Deng stated that during the 2011 provincial meeting in Juba, the committee resolved that there should be internal provinces in South Sudan and Sudan in order to easy work load from the overall Arch-bishop who is based in Juba.

10 members from each diocese converged in Yambio to be voted during the election.

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ray gaebler said...

Thanks for this post. I am Diocese of Iowa coordinator for our companion relationship with Nzara. I try to keep up with the news from western Equatoria and was trying to confirm who the AB for the new internal province of Western Equatoria was. You provided the answer and Bp. Peni of Nzara told me the enthronement was today, Dec. 11, 2016. God Bless your work. Peace, Ray