Saturday, November 26, 2016

Anglicans like to think of themselves as a bit better than everyone else.

From The Daily Telegraph (Australia)-

I should know. I’m an Anglican.

I went to an Anglican school. I’m well-used to the casual sectarian snobbery of many people who consider themselves Church of England, and I’ve spent a lifetime observing the way many Anglicans carry themselves in the firm belief that they are better, smarter and more sophisticated than others.

Actually, only Catholics. That’s all the Anglicans really care about. The other strands of Protestantism are regarded as uninteresting but essentially harmless. Who really cares if the odd little people down at the Uniting Church want to sit in a circle with a guitar? And the Seventh Day Adventists? They’re harmless, really.

But the Catholics. Ooh, the Catholics. Well, there’s far too many of them, for a start. All those children. And the carry-on about Mary. Really. Rosaries. Incense. All that carry-on.

If you’ve ever shaken your head in confusion about the obscure interpretational disputes that tear apart the Muslim world, check out Anglicans v Catholics in a diocese near you.

They can’t stand each other — still. It’s not so long ago that Catholics couldn’t get into law school or preselected for the Liberal Party — but they’re not that far behind us. Even, as in many families, when there are both Catholics and Anglicans, the Protestants quietly consider themselves more sophisticated.

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