Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bishop David A. Zubik- A license to love

From Pittsburgh-

My hope (and I suspect yours, too) was that, once the general election was over, the political commercials ended and government officials elected, we could all return to a state of peaceful coexistence. How naive I was.

For, over the course of these days, I have heard protests shouting “Trump’s not my president!” Or, “So glad Hillary wasn’t elected!”

While either of those epithets is bad enough, what you and I are catching on the evening news or reading in the morning newspaper or monitoring in our Twitter feeds or hearing on the bus is most disturbing. Anger, intolerance and hatred appear to have free reign.

Are the results of the recent election to blame? I doubt it. And, if it’s not a residual of our electoral process, then whence comes all this ugliness?

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