Thursday, November 24, 2016

Episcopal church members in St. Louis sue to stop merger; allege mishandling of $360,000

From St. Louis-

Members of an Episcopal church in St. Louis have filed suit claiming its leaders have locked them out and absconded with more than $360,000 in church funds as part of a pending merger.

Four longtime members of the All Saints Episcopal Church filed suit late Tuesday night asking a judge to stop the merger, return $360,000 from the church’s endowment and keep the doors open “to allow parishioners the free will [to] worship God in their home church.

The church at 2831 North Kingshighway Boulevard describes itself as the first and oldest predominantly African-American Episcopal church in Missouri, founded in 1874.

“Plaintiffs are currently barred from the church, the locks have been changed and the plaintiffs lack unfettered access to information, records and documentation due to the administrative office being removed,” the suit says.

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