Wednesday, November 16, 2016

'It was not lost – it has been reborn': Salvaged pipe organ finds a new home

From Johnstown-

Today, the church building at Vine and Levergood streets in downtown Johnstown is little more than an empty shell.
Most of its stained-glass windows have been removed and boarded up, and one of the few that remains has been shattered. Its garden is overgrown and tangled with weeds.

Still, at least one remnant of the former home of Johnstown's First Christian Church has been saved from destruction. The leaders of St. Mark's Episcopal Church in downtown Johnstown salvaged the church's pipe organ earlier this summer, planning to install it in their own church building.

The Rev. Nancy Threadgill of St. Mark's said Tuesday that the organ will soon sound for the first time in its new home.

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