Sunday, November 13, 2016

Among religious leaders, presidential election prompted fears and hope

From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-

The text arrived soon after the election results were called. “Dad, I’m terrified.”

The Rev. Douglas Patterson said his daughter, who had recently given birth, was afraid for her child’s future in an America that had elected Republican Donald Trump as its new president.

At a regular noontime service on Wednesday at Smithfield United Church of Christ in Downtown, which has long promoted acceptance for people of diverse races and sexual orientations, Rev. Patterson struggled even to find the words to articulate such fears, alluding to Mr. Trump’s various comments about deportations of immigrants without legal status and blocking Muslims from entering the United States and the Republican platform’s denunciation of same-sex marriage.

“In these deeply divided times, healing has to be done,” he said. “We’re so deeply divided, the division is hard to grasp.”

That’s one thing leaders in various religious communities are voicing, and that clergy are voicing in sermons this weekend.

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