Friday, November 18, 2016

Vandalized church leaves graffiti on its walls

From Indiana-

An Episcopal church stands quiet on the corner of Gatesville Road and State Road 135, but the words on the sides of the church speak.

On Nov. 13, church members arriving for services were greeted by a spray-painted swastika, a gay slur and the phrase “Heil Trump” on the sides of the church.

The church has decided to let the symbols remain on the side of the church until Nov. 30.

The priest, Rev. Kelsey Hutto, at St. David’s Episcopal Church sifted through letters of support she had just received in the mail.

“These are the first letters I have gotten. Calls and emails have been incredible,” Hutto said, tearing the seal off of another letter. “We have been getting an amazing amount of support from the community.”

Hutto received a call Sunday morning from the church organist, usually the first to arrive on Sundays to practice, saying the church had been vandalized. Hutto lives 10 minutes away from the church and drove over as quickly as she could.

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