Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bishop's Wife Revered Among One Christian Community Well after Her Death

From CBN-

A woman who took a bullet to save the life of her husband during the 1979 Iranian Revolution, is an inspiration even after her death.

Margaret Dehqani-Tafti is now buried beside her husband Bishop Hassan Dehqani-Tafti on the grounds of Winchester Cathedral. She was 85-years-old. She died in October but persecuted Christians are still talking about her and remembering her example.

Margaret met her husband, an Iranian-born Muslim who later converted to Christianity, while working as an interpreter in the Imperial Iranian Army between 1943-1945.

The UK native married Hassan in 1952 after he spent two years in the UK training for ordination.

Hassan later became the first Persian-born Anglican Bishop of Iran, but his new position only endangered his family to the rising hostility in Iran during the 1979 revolution.

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