Thursday, November 10, 2016

School employee bought gun, ammo after being placed on leave

From Georgia-

Sandy Springs Police charged a private school employee after police said he purchased a gun and ammunition after he was placed on personal leave.

Terry Kelly, a dean and basketball coach at Holy Innocents' Episcopal School, was charged with reckless conduct and obstruction of justice following a traffic stop. Police said he was loading a gun when officers pulled him over.

The school was placed on lockdown after he bought the gun Wednesday morning.

He had worked at the school for more than seven years and had been placed on leave for allegedly sending "unprofessional" texts and emails to former students.The students informed their parents of the messages, who then told school officials.

He was placed on leave Wednesday morning and left, the school said. School officials were concerned so they hired a private investigator to follow him. The investigator followed the man to a Bass Pro Shops location, where police said he bought a handgun and ammunition. The private investigator contacted police, who conducted the traffic stop when he was back in the city of Sandy Springs. He was charged with reckless conduct and obstruction based on what happened during the traffic stop, according to police.

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