Thursday, November 10, 2016

UK government aides see traditional Christians as extremists, says Archbishop of Canterbury

From Ecumenical News-

UK government officials lack "religious literacy," and are therefore likely to view Evangelical Christians as extremists, the spiritual leader of the Church of England and the most senior bishop in the Anglican Communion has said.

Dr. Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said that government officials often do not recognize a distinction between Islamic militants and traditional Christians, and are likely to see both groups as "a bit bonkers."

"It's fine to reject and condemn many of the things done in the name of religion but you still need to understand what it is that can so catch hold of someone that they think life itself is not worth living if that contradicts what they believe," said Welby, Catholic Culture reports.

The archbishop is a man who knows the secular world having spent years in corporate leadership in the banking and oil industries before turning to the Anglican priesthood.

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