Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bearing witness at Standing Rock

From Indiana-

The Revs. Paul Nesta and Tanya Scheff don't consider themselves protestors or activists.

Their trip to North Dakota last week wasn't exactly in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. "It was a stand of solidarity for us," Scheff explained.

Scheff of Trinity Episcopal Church in Michigan City and Nesta from St. Paul's Episcopal Church in La Porte, were among 577 priests from across the country who answered a call from Rev. John Floberg of North Dakota to help the native people of Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

The priests were met with cries of relief from the native people who feel the pipeline not only threatens their reservation with potential environmental concerns, but also disturbs what is considered sacred land.

While much of the pipeline opposition stems from concerns about local water sources, Scheff explained that the land earmarked for the pipeline also includes burial land of the native tribes.

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