Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas season speaks to naked fragility, not glitter

From Texas-

Everything is dressed up for Christmas: our houses, yards, churches and even ourselves. But isn't it ironic, all this decking out, when you consider that the Christmas movement of God is away from glitter and glory. To get ready for Christmas, God undresses! God stripped off his finery and appeared naked - how embarrassing - on the day that Jesus was born. God rips off badges of rank, puts aside titles, honors, talents and appears naked and vulnerable as a newborn baby.

Shocking, isn't it? To behold the Lord God of the universe unable to turn over on his back without assistance, utterly dependent upon the kindness of his human creatures.

This is what Christmas is all about - the birth of God in humankind, the incarnation, the gathering into one of things heavenly and things earthly; one in the naked flesh of the infant savior.

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