Wednesday, January 25, 2017


From The Living Church-

For Michael Ramsey’s The Gospel and the Catholic Church, on this side of the last things, the ecclesial life and the unity of this life are constitutive of the Godward gesture that is the Church’s vocation in history. “This unity is connected with the truth about Christ Himself. It is the unity of His own Body, springing from the unity of God, uttered in the Passion of Jesus, and expressed in an order and a structure” (p. 47). And because ecclesial unity is at once a gift, as well as an historical making-known of the truth of God in Christ, its universality precedes its locality.

Thus each group of Christians will learn its utter dependence upon the whole Body. It will indeed be aware of its own immediate union with Christ, but it will see this experience as a part of the one life of the one family in every age and place. By its dependence upon the Church of history it will die to self-consciousness and self satisfaction. (p. 44)

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