Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Queen’s Chaplain Steps Down, Calls Reading of Quran in Church Service a ‘Fairly Serious Error’

From The Gospel Herald-

One of the chaplains to the queen resigned following his criticism of the reading of the Quran during a church service held at St Mary's Episcopal in Glasgow earlier this month.

The Rev. Gavin Ashenden, in a blog published on his website, explained he needed to resign from his post, which he held for nine years, to avoid any misunderstanding that his statements against what took place in the service were released on behalf of the Queen.

As one of the 33 chaplains to the Queen, his actions could be misinterpreted as representing the monarchy. In choosing to vacate his post, he would be able to freely “speak on behalf of the faith,” he said.

“If I did choose to speak out, as a matter of integrity and responsibility, I ought not to do it while I was in possession of the office of ‘Chaplain to the Queen,’” Ashenden wrote. “Because I think it a higher and more compelling duty to speak out on behalf of the faith, than to retain a public honour which precludes me doing so at this time, I resigned my post,” he continued.

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