Saturday, January 28, 2017

Trump's executive orders worry Glen Ridge, Bloomfield churches

From New Jersey-

The Rev. Diana Wilcox of Christ Episcopal Church in Glen Ridge and Bloomfield will serve as a diocesan liaison for Episcopal Migration Ministries, a ministry of the Episcopal Church that assists with refugee resettlement.

“It’s absolutely reprehensible,” Wilcox told the Glen Ridge Voice on Thursday, when asked about her thoughts on the executive orders.

She noted that Jesus and his family had been refugees at one point. Of the need to welcome refugees and immigrants, “It goes to the very core of who we are, as a people of faith,” she said. “That’s what America has been from the start.”

She also observed that refugees entering the United States have to go through a two-year vetting process by the State Department. “They’re the most vetted people in the country.”

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