Sunday, March 12, 2017

Diocese of South Carolina joins ACNA

From South Carolina-

Delegates for The Diocese of South Carolina, a conservative Anglican group that separated from The Episcopal Church in 2012, chose on Saturday to join the Anglican Church in North America. The unanimous vote was cast at the Diocese's convention held at St. Paul’s Church in Summerville.

Led by Bishop Mark Lawrence, the Diocese has 22,000 members from 52 congregations across the eastern part of the state. It will remain its own entity, adding to ACNA's current constituency of 112,000 members from 966 churches.

"I believe God has called us to this and I believe we will find a deeper richness in our vocation; fuller fellowship in the Spirit; a more zealous thrust in mission," said Lawrence in a statement. "But most of all, I believe a door will be opened, the fresh winds of the Spirit will blow, and a caged eagle will soar."

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