Saturday, March 18, 2017

Gavin Ashenden: 'The Church of England is a coach driving over a cliff'

From Premier UK-

As well as being known as a former chaplain to Her Majesty and a BBC radio presenter, Gavin Ashenden is also known for publicly condemning the Scottish Episcopal Church - linked to the Church of England - for allowing a verse from the Quran to be read out in Arabic during an Epiphany Service earlier this year.

It turned out that part of the passage denied Jesus was God.

The Scottish Episcopal Church expressed regret for any upset caused by the decision, but did not apologise for allowing the reading to be delivered. Some defended the decision, saying it would help foster relations between Christians and Muslims.

Ashenden and others argued a line had to be drawn between building friendships and acknowledging, and where necessary opposing, differences in theology.

Speaking to Premier, he revealed that while his decision to leave the Church of England had been coming for some time, conversations he'd had with a former bishop he served under accelerated the process.

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