Thursday, March 9, 2017

Downtown church wall in danger of collapse, officials say

From Michigan-

A section of West Ottawa Street in downtown Lansing is closed because a wall of a century-old church could collapse from strong winds.

Structural engineers were brought in to examine an exterior wall at St. Paul's Episcopal Church after the Rev. Karen Lewis, rector of the church, noticed the wall separating from the ceiling. West Ottawa is closed just west of Capitol Avenue as a precaution.

Lewis said she noticed the problem about 11:30 a.m. Engineers said they believe the wall eventually will collapse, she said. The worship space is closed.

"I saw a lot of insulation on the floor, and if you stood in a certain place, you could see the wall literally moving away from the ceiling," she said. "The worship space is closed until further notice. If that wall collapsed, I have no idea – and no one knows – what else is going to go, how it will impact the roof or the boiler system, which is as old as the church," Lewis said.

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