Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wantagh Episcopal church founds outreach center in Seaford

From Long Island-

Barbara Rice Thompson, a 56-year-old North Wantagh resident, was the editor of Penthouse magazine for more than 25 years before she was laid off in January. But months earlier, she had spoken with the Rev. Christopher Hofer, the rector of the Church of St. Jude, about how she wanted to “give back on a more real level — other than providing porn,” she said with a laugh.

When she learned that her church was working on opening a mission center at St. Michael and All Angels in Seaford, Rice Thompson said that she felt as if her prayers had been answered. One program — the Mother and Child Ministry — touched her, she said.

“My father was an aerospace engineer at the Grumman factory, and when I was about 10, he lost his job,” she recalled. “He was delivering newspapers on Sunday mornings and pumping gas on Saturday afternoons because he had five kids, and that’s what he had to do ... we were the family in church who was getting the Christmas basket.”

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