Thursday, March 9, 2017

Local Rector Favors Sanctuary Resolution Adopted by Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey

From New Jersey-

The Episcopal Church of the Diocese of New Jersey voted on March 4 to become a sanctuary diocese, extending refuge, healing, material and pastoral support to those targeted for deportation due to immigration status. At least one local religious leader approves.

The Rev. Frank Crumbaugh of Holy Innocents’ Church in Beach Haven said he supports the resolution, but it is probably a divisive question for many congregations.

“It’s emblematic of the larger issues, part of the public discourse we are having lately,” Crumbaugh said. “I think many people are still trying to figure out how they think about many things.”

“Refuge is an ancient premise, to permit someone to find a safe place from being apprehended for something,” he went on. “There is a lovely painting that illustrates the idea of sanctuary, of King Edward IV stopped at the doorway of an abbey after someone has run into the church and the abbot has blocked the king.”

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