Monday, May 15, 2017

Churches say they shouldn't have to pay special assessment for streetcar

From Kansas City-

As voters are deciding whether to expand the streetcar line down to 53rd Street in Brookside, some church leaders along the extension route want to pump the brakes.

Every property within the Transportation Development District would pay a yearly assessment fee to finance the streetcar - whether they're tax-exempt or not.

"I know that the proponents of the funding mechanism say it's not a property tax, but it's based on property value," Rector Stan Runnels said.

For churches and other non-profits, the first $300,000 of market value is exempt from the assessment. But many churches like St. Paul's Episcopal on Main Street own more than one property well above $300,000.  Runnels says his assessment would come out to around $12,000 a year, which would force them to cut from their charity food programs.

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