Sunday, May 28, 2017

Reverend Phillips Emmanuel Adeyemi: An Anglican priest without guile

From Nigeria-

The Church of Nigeria has indeed enjoyed unalloyed fellowship and leadership of distinguishable and irredentist apostles since its inception, from Henry Townsend, who in 1842 led the Church Missionary Society to sow the seed of Anglicanism in Nigeria. This was followed in 1846, by the Great Rev. Samuel Ajayi Crowther, who with the efforts and support of the pioneer Rev. of the Anglican Church in Nigeria, Rev. Henry Townsend, Rev. Colmer and Rev. Phillips worked together to consolidate the CMS Missions across Nigeria. These apostolic geniuses laid the solid foundation on which the church today stands, especially among the Yoruba of Southwest Nigeria. Through their efforts, the Anglican Church secured its base in Lagos and the Lagos church became a Diocese on December 10, 1919, with F. Melville Jones as Bishop and Isaac Oluwole, Assistant Bishop. Rev. Leslie Gordon Vining succeeded Jones as Bishop of Lagos in 1940, and thus the Anglican Church in Nigeria begun a new life of training and impacting the young and ebullient faithful, many of whom have continued to fly the flag of the gospel of Anglicanism.

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