Friday, June 2, 2017

Maybe it doesn’t sound like it, but it is the Church of England

From The Church Times-

SUJATA BHATT’s poem “Search for my Tongue” is a meditation, written partly in Gujarati, about what it is like to have “two tongues in your mouth”. The conflict that it describes is likely to resonate with an increasing number of wor­shippers in the C of E, who are listening to services in English, a foreign tongue.

“Crying and hoping together to­­wards God is something which is so strong and powerful,” the Assistant Curate at St Laurence’s, Catford, the Revd Hugo Adán-Fernández, reflects. He helps to lead a Hispanic mission: “It is a challenge to do that in a differ­ent language.”

One in eight people in the UK were born abroad, and eight per cent have a tongue other than English as their main language. So churches are increasingly investing in ways to en­­sure that language is not a barrier to worship for the souls in their care. At the same time, they are reflecting on how to balance this with the need for integration.

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