Thursday, June 1, 2017

Undocumented Grandmother Taking Sanctuary in Episcopal Church

From North Carolina-

Juana Luz Tobar Ortega sought sanctuary behind the doors of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church on Wednesday morning as her supporters took their fight against her deportation to the public.

Ortega is the latest in a number of high-profile cases across the country that have rallied supporters to take drastic steps against what they see as unfair immigration policies that separate families and return people to situations many had fled out of fear for their lives.

Ortega, who works as a seamstress, is thought to be the first person in North Carolina to seek sanctuary from U.S. immigration officials at a church.

At St. Barnabas, that has meant installing a shower and converting offices into a bedroom and sitting area for what some might see as both shelter — and prison.

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