Friday, August 4, 2017

Church institutions address gender gap as men found to outearn women

From The Church Times-

WOMEN working for the Church of England’s national institutions are, on average, paid 41 per cent less than men, reflecting the fact that they are more likely to work in lower-grade jobs.

The data has been released by the National Church Institutions, which include the Archbishops’ Council, Church Commissioners, Pensions Board, and Lambeth Palace, under regulations that require companies and institutions with more than 250 employees to disclose data on the gender pay gap.

Within each grade of post, men and women are paid similar amounts; the same in the first two grades, women nine per cent more in the third grade, and men three per cent more in the top grade. The gender ratio within the grades varies significantly. In the lowest grade, where the average salary (according to the median) is £26,754, 74 per cent of employees are women. In the highest grade, where the average salary is £64,460, 64 per cent of employees are men.

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