Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Top 10 Things Never to Say to Your Female Pastor

From Patheos-

So I began asking: What are some of the sexist things parishioners have said or done to you as a female in ministry? Maybe they were not intending to be sexist. Maybe they actually thought they were complimenting you or “helping” you by giving you “feedback.” But what they said left you feeling uncomfortable, annoyed, or even angry.

Here is what they shared:

“For such a tiny little woman, you have a lot of energy!”

On first meeting me: “Are you married? What does your husband think about this?”

“You are the prettiest pastor I’ve ever met.”

You are “articulate and attractive” said my ex-senior…as compared, of course, to my male associate who is “brilliant, intelligent.” I’m thinking I should have been a TV anchor instead of a pastor!
“You should be wearing stockings or pantyhose.” (And I am in robe down to mid-calf.)

After worship and I had taken off my robe, I was helping a woman get into the chair lift to leave the building. One of the elder men came up to me and said, “From this angle, I can see what you’re all about in your dress.”

90% of what was said to me as a pastor involved my attire. “That’s not how a minister should dress,” and that sort of thing. My personal favorite was, “First we hire a woman and then she wears pants!”

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