Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ojai pastor makes sure undocumented immigrants know their rights

From California-

Early on a recent weekday morning, a man in a white priest’s collar holding a fistful of small cards strode toward a group of day laborers gathered under a tree next to an Ojai gas station.

“Good morning, I’m Father Greg with St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church,” he said and began handing out the cards. “We’re giving people these cards in case ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) or other law enforcement comes. These are know-your-rights cards.”

Some of the men shifted uncomfortably, backing further into the shade. But a couple of the men recognized the Rev. Greg Kimura and smiled.
For the past six months, the pastor and other church members have been coming to these spots around Ojai to distribute the cards to immigrants who may be living in the country without legal permission.

One card, printed in English and Spanish, invokes the constitutional right to remain silent and resist warrantless searches.

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