Monday, October 2, 2017

Don’t wait on history

From The Living Church-

If you’re an Episcopalian, take a moment and remember what the church was like when you first entered it. It doesn’t matter whether you were born into it in the days of the 1928 Prayer Book, “the Republican Party at Prayer,” and the glory days of baby booms and full pews, or if you’re a relative newbie, finding a compelling home in the Anglican tradition in the last few years.

No matter how long you have been an Episcopalian, the culture (if not also the canons and liturgies) of this church is more radically heterodox now than when you came in. The pace of change has not slackened, but increased; even widespread success has not kept radical heterodoxy from pushing the Episcopal Church ever further to the theological and cultural left in America, seemingly knowing no fear of committing heresy or apostasy.

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