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The Evolution of King Arthur Updated on October 15, 2016

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King Arthur is perhaps the most well-known subject in Anglophone literature. Not many other legends that originated over a millennium ago are still told as frequently and with such gusto today. But, what really makes Arthurian legends so different from other heroic epics is its dynamic ability to evolve.

The tales of Arthur and his knights have been innovated by virtually every new storyteller who told them. New characters were added over time. And, in some cases completely independent myths were grafted into the realm of Camelot.

Because of the way this group of tales lends itself to innovation, Arthurian Legend does not stagnate but remains vibrant and meaningful to every subsequent generation.

The Earliest Sources for King Arthur

Many of us have had the annoying circumstance of being seated next to someone who feels it’s their job to point out every time a Hollywood film departs from historical accuracy, or when the film contradicts the original book.

Well, if you ever hear one of these nitpickers asserting that a King Arthur film “isn’t historically accurate” or “that’s not what happens in the book,” you can promptly ask them “which part of undocumented history do you mean?” or “to which book are you referring?” King Arthur does not have one original source, but many!

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