Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Reimagining Britain by Justin Welby review – praiseworthy vision

From The Guardian-

Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, has brought about two miracles. First, he unblocked the road that led to female bishops and quickly ensured they were appointed, including to the third most senior position in the Church of England, bishop of London. Second, through his challenge to Wonga, the payday lender, and interventions on banking, he got the press writing about the church and money rather than gay sex.

Is he able to bring about a third miracle, by giving demoralised Britain new hope and a fresh vision for the future? Reimagining Britain – a great title – is a brave attempt. Detailing the vast changes since 1945, he argues that the present, like 1945, can be a turning point in our history.

Welby is critical of the government’s narrow focus on “British values” brought into schools as part of the Prevent programme and looks for a wider and deeper set of moral convictions. He begins with community, courage and stability, unpicking each one in more detail. On community, for example, he draws on the excellent body of Catholic social teaching with its stress on solidarity, subsidiarity, the universal destiny of all goods, gratuity and the common good.

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