Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Standing Committee announces candidates for XI Bishop, opens Petition Process

From Newark-

 The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Newark is pleased to announce a slate of four candidates who will stand for election as XI Bishop of Newark at a special convention on May 19, 2018.

The candidates are:

The Rev. Canon John Harmon, Diocese of Washington, D.C.
The Rev. Carlye Hughes, Diocese of Fort Worth
The Rev. Lisa Hunt, Diocese of Texas
The Rev. Canon Scott Slater, Diocese of Maryland

The Bishop Search/Nominating Committee, after careful and prayerful discernment, recommended these candidates to the Standing Committee, which voted to approve the slate.

"We believe these individuals possess the skills, qualities, experience and spiritual grounding necessary for the office of Bishop, and we are excited to commend them to the Diocese of Newark," said the Rev. Joseph Harmon, President of the Standing Committee. (Note: The Rev. Joseph Harmon and the Rev. Canon John Harmon are not related.)

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