Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Anglicans must unite in service of peace, says Archbishop of Canterbury

From La Croix-

The congregation at St John's Cathedral, Hong Kong, for the official opening of ACC-17. (Photo courtesy Anglican Communion News Service

The Anglican Communion must not put its internal differences, disputes and issues above the pressing concerns of afflicted peoples and nations around the world, said the Archbishop of Canterbury.

"We cannot condemn whole nations to the absence of help, neglect of support, solitary suffering, through indulging in the luxury of disunity," Justin Welby told the Anglican Consultative Council on the opening day of ACC-17 in Hong Kong, according to churchtimes.co.uk.

"We exist for others, in the service of peace," he said in his presidential address, adding that all provinces in the Communion must continue to strike a balance between being both autonomous and interdependent.

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