Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Former bishop who killed cyclist in 2014 will be released from jail

From Baltimore-

A former Episcopal bishop who killed a cyclist in 2014 will be released from jail in May.

According to officials, Heather Cook will be released from jail and placed on probation until October 2022, meeting regularly with an agent and being supervised. 

That means Cook will have served 3 1/2 years of her seven-year sentence after she was convicted of killing bicyclist Thomas Palermo on Dec. 27, 2014. 

At the time, Cook was the second ranking official in the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. 

Cook pleaded guilty in September 2015 to auto manslaughter, driving while intoxicated, driving while texting and leaving the scene of an accident. She kept going and then returned to the scene more than a half hour later.

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