Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Church’s dilemma: to receive or reject politicians’ money?

From Kenya-

A story is told of how one Sunday the then Bishop of the Church of the Province of Kenya (now Anglican Church of Kenya) Maseno South Diocese, John Henry Okullu, held the annual thanksgiving service at the St Stephen’s Cathedral in Kisumu Town and invited all the provincial and district government heads.
Being a mere thanksgiving, the civil servants saw no harm in going to the church that to many in the eyes of the government was the bastion of the then non-existent opposition. 
All was well until the late Bishop Okullu, in his characteristic no holds barred style, tore into the one party state saying it was not good for Kenya. .
The senior civil servants soon made a beeline for the exit, lest their presence be seen as indirectly supporting Okullu’s views.

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