Friday, April 12, 2019

How Prince Harry and Meghan’s baby may make history in Britain’s royal family

From ABC-

The diversity Meghan brings to the royal family was also noted at her wedding to Harry, which included a gospel choir and a sermon by Rev. Michael Curry, the first black leader of the Episcopal Church in the U.S. and the first American to preach at a British royal wedding. 

“The love between those two people, between that loyal couple, was so powerful, not only did we all show up, but it brought all these different worlds together,” Curry told ABC News’ Good Morning America last May. “It brought different nationalities, different ethnicities, different religious traditions, people of all stripes and types, people of different political persuasions.”

He continued, “Their love was a sign of God’s love and what that love can do in our lives. It brought together our African heritage, our British heritage, our American heritage.” 

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