Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Is the Church of Latter Day Saints about to become Nigeria’s first gay friendly church?

From Nigeria-

If there is anything the body of Christ in Nigeria is well known for, it is their vehement rejection of persons on the LGBT spectrum. This manifests in many ways, from spectacular ‘deliverance’ sessions where LGBT persons are publicly humiliated or even physically assaulted to enthusiastic public support for government legislation that targets LGBT persons and denies them basic human rights. For many people, the church’s almost militant approach to any kind of difference has led to many Nigerians leaving the fold. But things might be changing.

The Anglican Church of England has long included queer people in its church activities and gatherings and even gone as far as inducting queer men and women into its clergy. There is, of course, the Unitarian church that accepts all people of all faiths and sexualities. Much of this progressiveness has not found its way into Nigeria but that might soon be changing.

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