Tuesday, April 9, 2019

LGBT clergy, representing the new face of faith, speak out dangers of systemic spiritual abuse

From Philadelphia-

Are these radical new beliefs? Are these simply new political trends that aim to upend the teachings of Jesus? Not really, says Michael Ruk, an Episcopal priest.

“Jesus speaks very little about sexuality in the New Testament, but he does constantly include and expand the Kingdom of God to the outcast and embraces them,” said Ruk, who leads St. Philip's Episcopal Church in New Hope. “It’s not one text, but the entirety of Jesus' life and the ministry which informs this belief. [It’s really all about looking] at the collective understanding of transformative teachings of Jesus.”

Ruk, who is also openly gay, says a third of his congregation is LGBT and that the church takes part in the Pride Parade every year. He goes so far as to apologize on behalf of Christians for their history of sexism, homophobia and the damage it has done.

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