Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Anglican Bishop: Church coped well over Easter

From Trinidad-

Anglican Bishop the Rt Rev Claude Berkley said the church coped "relatively well" in ministering to its flock amid covid19 restrictions over the Easter weekend."Usually, at Easter, attendance is higher than usual. But I would say we coped relatively well. Services and prayer meetings were offered by different parishes, mostly on social media," he told Tobago Newsday ."The response was gratifying, judging from the social media measurement and direct feedback."The Tobago-born Berkley said parishioners used technology to access the services.

"Another factor of encouragement was the moment of technological advance by persons who hitherto, resisted Many more mature persons would have migrated to social media."Berkley said although covid19 has changed the way people operate, they have been coping reasonably well so far."We have been comforting and consoling members and others by telephone and social media. And that expands to e-mail, WhatsApp, Messenger, to actual social distance conversations where possible "to encourage one another to pass the message along."

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