Thursday, April 16, 2020

Half of All Churches Are Instantly Growing. Here’s Why And Here’s What To Do.

From Carey Nieuwhof-

Maybe losing access to our buildings as church leaders wasn’t as disastrous as we thought. Church growth just spiked by 300% in the last month.

Sure…so much as happened. And as frazzled and exhausted as you might feel in the midst of the current global crisis, a fascinating statistic emerged last week that you don’t want to miss.
49% of all churches are growing right now.

A month earlier, before the pandemic hit the West, the statistic would have been that between 8-15% of all churches were growing.

So literally in 30 days, we’ve moved from a tiny percentage of churches growing to virtually half of all churches growing.

What’s even more surprising is that the growth trend holds up in every church size category.

According to the weekly polling we’re doing through Church Pulse Weekly (my new podcast/project with Barna and Gloo you can participate in), half of all churches,  regardless of church size—from very small churches (under 100) to megachurches—are experiencing growth.  It’s remarkable that this is true if you have 75 people attending, 750 or 7500.

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