Friday, April 17, 2020

Episcopal bishop extends suspension of in-person group worship through May 17

From Alabama-

The Episcopal Diocese of Alabama has extended its suspension of in-person group worship services through Sunday, May 17.

Bishop Kee Sloan made the announcement today in a letter to Episcopalians.

Sloan said that date may need to be extended again. “I also recognize that civil authorities may be setting an earlier date, and that other churches of other denominations may reopen sooner than we do,” Sloan said. “I would rather we be too cautious than not cautious enough.”

On Tuesday, Bishop Robert J. Baker, pastoral administrator for the Catholic Diocese of Birmingham, extended the ban on public gatherings for Mass at least through Thursday, April 30. Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi of the Archdiocese of Mobile said on Tuesday that although his current suspension of group worship extends through April 18, that’s now viewed as indefinite. He did not give a possible date for return. “Although the suspension of public Masses had been extended through this week, it must again be extended indefinitely," Rodi said. "Let us pray that public Masses will resume soon. This will depend upon medical advice and civil authorities.”

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